Friday, August 2, 2013

Full movie "Enough" (Хватит - новый русский фильм) 2013 [Russian with EN...

We wanted to tell a story. A story of war. And hate. And betrayal. And how love just has to win. October 1917. Imperial Russia has become a dangerous place to be. There's talk of bloodshed and revolution on the streets. The Imperial family is captured and executed, but rumors are rapidly spreading that one or two of the children miraculously survived and escaped. In the midst of the chaos two young people are trying to survive, daring to dream of a future... Many years later Alexei Bulgarov, a lost and bitter man, is following their footsteps in search of the truth and in search of himself.

Enough. In every life there comes a time to let go...
A film made by ordinary people for ordinary people.
Shot on location in Ukraine.
A NEW DAY FILMS production.

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